The Soothie Pad rests on your baby's lap and attaches to any car seat with a center buckle.  Our weighted memory foam/ cooling gel formula provides the perfect amount of tactile proprioceptive input on the child's lap.  This unique design will soothe & comfort your child, relieve anxiety & irritability, and help prevent them from feeling startled during car rides.    


Safety Tested





Our road trips used to be a nightmare!  Wish we had the Soothie Pad years ago for our first child. This product is a trip saver and seriously works like magic! 

Candice and Tim, San Diego, CA

Thank you Soothie Pad for bringing back our sanity and love for adventure.  We never leave home without it! 

Julie and Jim, Knoxville, TN

This product has been amazing for my son, he naps longer in the car seat with the Soothie Pad than in his crib.  Thank you Soothie Pad!  

Brenda, Florence, SC

Thanks Soothie Pad!! The coolness of the pad on my baby Callie's leg is soothing and calming. The pad even doubles as a soft like table mat for her to play with her toys on until she falls asleep.

Princess, Boynton Beach, FL