We are loving parents, just like you, who only want the best for our children.  Having had 2 boys, we understand the joys and challenges of parenting.  Each day we experience a full spectrum of emotions…from indescribable happiness, to the stuff that nobody tells you about before having kids.  

The Soothie Pad was created to solve a problem that our son Hunter had during car rides.  He was a fussy baby that didn’t like the car seat much, and no matter where we went he was never cooperative.  Stressed out and desperate to find a solution, we began to research different types of soothing devices.  Although we found solutions for use at home and at bedtime, we couldn’t find anything specifically for use in car seats. After countless hours of research, development of prototypes and safety testing, consulting with numerous therapists & pediatricians, and tapping into my wife’s occupational therapy background, the Soothie Pad was born! 

We know that an upset child is one of the most stressful things to deal with…not just for the parents, but for the child as well.  We not only use our products on our own children, but have also tested them on babies of our friends and families.  We have received so much positive feedback, and we are confident that our products will work for you and your children too! 

Our Mission is to provide a safe and effective soothing device to comfort our most precious cargo.  We want for all children and parents to have a happier, stress-free, and safer drive together.  Thank you for visiting our site, and we sincerely hope that our products will help your family during this priceless time of development for your little one.  The Soothie pad has completely changed the way that we drive with our babies, and we look forward to hearing how much your children love it too.



The Bui’s and Soothie Pad Team