Frequently Asked Questions

What is a weighted lap pad?

Weighted lap pads produce deep pressure stimulation that helps soothe and calm babies, children and adults from over activity, irritability and anxiety. 

Is this safe for my child?

Yes! Our products are third party lab tested in the USA and have passed all stringent safety test requirements from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.   Every child’s health & condition is different and we recommend that you consult your Pediatrician or Occupational Therapist if you have any questions or concerns if the products are suitable for your child.

Are weighted products and lap pads only used for children with sensory processing issues?

No, weighted products have primarily been used for children with sensory processing disorders, however, the concepts and principles of weighted products works for babies, children and adults as well.  

What kind of fillers do you use?

We do not use any pellets, beads or other small components that pose the potential to spill from our pads which could harm to your child.  Our filler materials are comprised of an integrated memory foam and cooling gel core that is safe and formulated to provide the perfect amount of weight and will not spill or harm your child.

Are the Soothie Sleeves interchangeable? 

Yes, all of the Soothie Sleeves can be swapped out to give your lap pads the look for any occasion or child.       

Is there an age limit for the Soothie Pad?   

The Soothie Pad is designed for babies and infants, however, we do not specify an age limit because it may work for toddlers as well. 

I have a baby rocker and swing, can I use the Soothie Pad with these devices? 

Yes!  The Soothie Pad can be used with any device that has a center buckle and will strap onto the child’s lap in the same manner as if they were in a car seat. 

What is the center snap button used for?

There have been millions of car seats recalled for buckle issues in the past and we proactively keep safety at the forefront of our designs.  The snap button allows you to safely and easily remove the Soothie Pad if the car seat buckle ever malfunctions and does not release for any reason.   

What is your return policy?

Our policy lasts 30 days. If within 30 days of your purchase date, you can return the unused product to the address below with all original material along with packaging and we will refund your purchase price minus shipping.

Soothie Pad (Returns)

13750 W Colonial Drive Ste. 350-411

Winter Garden, FL 34787