We all came from a comfy world while in utero, floating around hearing the squishy sounds of blood flow, heart beats and the feelings of warmth and comfort from inside our mothers.  We stayed in this cocoon like state for nine months, listening to the white noise while our bodies developed to prepare ourselves for the new world we would soon encounter.  We were fond of these feelings in our early years and our parents tried to mimic this environment as much as possible to keep us comforted and happy. However, no matter how much they tried, we would make the transition into the new world gradually and experience all of the strange sensations through our senses.    

Most people know about the 5 general senses and may not even know that we have 2 other important senses as well; body awareness (Proprioception) and movement (Vestibular). Our muscles, joints and ligaments sense our body's position and sends signals to our brains just as our eyes and ears sends signals to our brains about what we see and hear.   



During the transition into our new world, we all encounter much discomfort, anxiety, fear and stress as we're juggled around with our parent's busy schedule.  While unsure of our surroundings and unable to quite control our limbs, we're often frightened and startled by noises or sudden movements during car rides.  Some of us are soothed by the smooth motion in cars but can get startled and upset going over bumps in the road, while many others experience anxiety and become irritable sitting in the car seat for any period of time.



We have a vulnerable undeveloped nervous system as babies which requires deep pressure to help soothe and calm us.  This is why hospitals recommend tightly swaddling babies as a proactive measure to prevent sensory overload.  The concepts of deep pressure from weighted products to soothe children has been around for a long time and are widely used in numerous products. Weighted products such as; Wraps, Blankets, Vests & Lap pads have been primarily used for therapeutic relief to help calm and soothe children with sensory processing disorders such as; Autism, ADD and ADHD.  However, these same concepts & principles have also been proven to be effective for soothing & calming babies and adults as well.  

You may be able to relate to the soothing effects if you've ever placed a pillow on your lap while sitting in a chair or used a thick blanket in bed.  The Soothie Pad was developed for us parents and our babies' use during the first few critical years of development in their lives.  Our children are the most precious assets we have and it's our duty to ensure their introduction into our world is comforting and stress-free.