Black & White Chevron Soothie Pad

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The Soothie Pad weighs approximately 15 oz and is designed for use in any car seat with a center buckle.  

We do not use any beads, poly pellets or small filler components that could potentially spill from our lap pads and harm your precious cargo.  Our products are safe, effective and have passed all of the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) safety standards.   

- For babies and infants 3+ months old or 10+ lbs 

- Removable and washable Velboa/ Lycra pattern outer cover with detachable snap button strap

- Removable and washable Polyester mesh inner cover

- Integrated cooling gel/ memory foam filler pad included

- Measurements: (Height- 10.5" Width- 10.5" Thickness- 2")  


* Please consult your Pediatrician or Therapist if you have questions whether this product is suitable for your child.